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Chapter 15. Showtime: Showing Your Clien... > Sending a Portfolio Presentation to ... - Pg. 451

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Step Eight: Return to the list of categories on the left side of the dialog and click on Security. Since you're emailing this pre- sentation to clients, it's important to protect your images from being "liber- ated" by your clients, which lets them sidestep any payment to you, the pho- tographer. So, in the Permissions section, I recommend turning on the checkbox that reads "Use a password to restrict printing, editing and other tasks," and then enter a password in the Permissions Password field. Then, from the Printing Allowed pop-up menu, choose None. By doing this, you're protecting yourself because now your clients can't just print out full-color prints of your PDF to their color inkjet, or copy your photographs out of the PDF and place them into another application for printing. It pretty much ensures that your low-res proofs remain in your PDF and that you get paid for your work. Step Nine: When you click on the Save PDF button, a pop-up dialog will appear asking you to confirm your password. Enter your password, click OK, and Photoshop CS2 creates a PDF file for you, ready to email to your clients. When your clients open your emailed PDF, it launches Adobe Reader, goes into Full Screen mode (displaying your photos on a black background), and the presentation begins. And because you set up security preferences on this PDF, your clients won't be able to access the printing and photo-editing options in Reader. (Note: To return to Adobe Reader and end your slide show, just press the Escape key on your keyboard.) The capture here shows the first slide in a PDF presentation, right before it transitions to the next photo. ©SCOTT KELBY Showing Your Client Chapter 15 451