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Chapter 15. Showtime: Showing Your Clien... > Embedding Digimarc Digital Copyright... - Pg. 427

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Step Three: Go under the Filter menu, under Digimarc, and choose Embed Watermark. This brings up the Embed Watermark dialog. I'm assuming at this point you don't have a Digimarc account set up, so click on the Personalize button. If you do have a Digimarc account, click on the same button, and it will ask for your Digimarc ID and PIN. If not, you'll have a chance to get yours in the next dialog. Step Four: The Personalize Digimarc ID dialog is where you enter your Digimarc ID and PIN. If you don't have one, then click on the Get Info button. As long as you have an Internet connection, it will launch your Web browser and take you to Digimarc's website, where you can choose which subscription plan best suits your needs. At the time of this writing, the service started at $49 for a one-year basic subscription and went up from there based on how many photos you want to protect, and other options you might want to purchase. See their site for details. Step Five: At the Digimarc site, the registration process is very simple (pretty much like any other e-commerce site these days), and immediately after you hit the Submit button(with your payment info), you're presented with your Digimarc ID and PIN. Enter these in the Personalize Digimarc ID dialog. Needless to say, that's not my real Digimarc ID number and PIN. Or is it? Hmmmm. Continued Showing Your Client Chapter 15 427