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Chapter 3. Raw Hide: Mastering Camera Raw > HDR and Exposure Merge - Pg. 85

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers While Photoshop CS2 is the first version to compile High Dynamic Range (HDR) 32-bit images, you kind of have to think of this as more of a "technology preview" than a tool that will get a lot of use (at this point anyway), because thus far there are no monitors that can truly display HDR images or printers that can print the range of colors they possess. But there will be one day (and we'll all fly around with jet packs, too). Here's how to mess around with HDR and impress your photographer friends: HDR and Exposure Merge Step One: The magic of HDR is that it lets you merge multiple shots of the same scene (using a tripod), but you vary the exposure time for each shot (not the f-stops--the exposure time). Then