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Chapter 3. Raw Hide: Mastering Camera Raw > Camera Raw Essentials - Pg. 54

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Camera Raw Essentials If you take a photo with a traditional film camera and send the film to a lab for processing, they produce an original print from the negative you gave them (and the negative remains intact). Well, Photoshop's Camera Raw lets you be the lab, by letting you import an unprocessed RAW original (your "digital negative") and process it yourself, just like the lab. You can adjust everything--from exposure to white balance and more--to create your own original print to open in Photoshop, while the RAW file remains intact. Of course, the first step is shooting in RAW mode (luckily almost all of today's digital cameras can shoot in RAW mode). Step One: You can open a Camera Raw image in several ways--right from within the Adobe Bridge by either double-clicking on a RAW image or pressing Command-R (PC: Control-R) with the image selected,