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Chapter 3. Raw Hide: Mastering Camera Ra... > Fixing (or Creating) Edge Vignetting - Pg. 83

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Step Three: Now for the opposite: adding vignetting to focus attention (by the way, in the Photographic Special Effects chapter, I also show you how to get the same effect outside of Camera Raw). This time, in the Vignetting section, drag the Amount slider to the left, and as you drag you'll start to see vignetting appear in the cor- ners of your photo. But since it's just in the corners, it looks like the bad kind of vignetting, not the good kind, so you'll need to go on to the next step. ©SCOTT KELBY Step Four: To make the vignetting look more like a soft spotlight falling on your subject, drag the Midpoint slider to the left, which increases the size of the vignetting and creates a soft, pleasing effect. That's it--how to get rid of 'em and how to add 'em. Two for the price of one! Mastering Camera Raw Chapter 3 83