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Chapter 3. Raw Hide: Mastering Camera Raw > Camera Raw Essentials - Pg. 61

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Step Fourteen (Saturation): The Saturation slider makes the colors in your RAW photo either more saturated and colorful (by dragging to the right) or less saturated and flat (by dragging to the left). This is my least-used slider in Camera Raw, as I normally wait until I'm in Photoshop, because I view adding sat- uration as a special effect, and not gener- ally something I do when I'm just trying to create a nicely exposed, well-balanced image. In fact, I only adjust this setting if some of the other changes I made in Camera Raw make my colors look flat. Otherwise, I ignore that slider, but that's just me; if you want more saturated photos, go for it (I won't tell anybody). By the way, there's no Auto checkbox for