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Chapter 3. Raw Hide: Mastering Camera Raw > Camera Raw Essentials - Pg. 59

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Step Eleven (Shadows): Now that your Exposure is set (and you protected your highlights from clipping), what about the shadows? Well, there's a slider for that too--it's called (surpris- ingly enough) the Shadows slider. Sliding it to the right increases the shadows in your photo. Again, there's an Auto checkbox (and you should give that a try), but you can also use the Option- drag (PC: Alt-drag) trick on the Shadows slider. This time, the preview will show shadow areas (with no detail) in pure black (meaning these areas are getting clipped--white areas are not clipped). If you see other colors (like red, green, or blue), they're getting clipped a bit too, but not as significantly as the overall shadows, so I'm not as concerned about a little bit of clipping in color. If there's significant clipping, drag to the left to reduce the amount of shadows. If not, drag to the right until you start getting some clipping. TIP: In CS2, Adobe added a very helpful feature to keep you from clipping either your highlights or shadows. At the top of the Camera Raw dialog, there are two checkboxes: one for highlights, one for shadows. When you turn them on, any- time highlight areas start getting clipped (regardless of which slider you're using), the clipped areas will appear in solid red, while clipped shadow areas will appear in blue, giving you an instant visual warning exactly where clipping is occurring. Not bad, eh? Continued Mastering Camera Raw Chapter 3 59