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Chapter 10. Photograph: Retouching Portraits > Removing Hot Spots - Pg. 303

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Step Three: In the Options Bar, click on the thumb- nail after the word "Brush" and choose a large, soft-edged brush from the Brush Picker. Then, press-and-hold the Option (PC: Alt) key and click once in a clean area of skin (an area with no hot spots). This will be your sample area (or refer- ence point) so Photoshop knows to affect only pixels that are lighter than this. Step Four: Start gently painting over the hot-spot areas with the Clone Stamp tool, and as you do, the hot spots will fade away. As you work on different hot spots, you'll have to resample (Option/Alt-click) on nearby areas of skin so the skin tone matches. For example, when you work on the hot spots under her eyes, sample an area of skin from her cheeks (or even her forehead) where no hot spots exist. It's amazing what 60 seconds of hot-spot retouching can do for your image. Before After Retouching Portraits Chapter 10 303