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Chapter 8. Modern Problems: Dealing with... > Instant Red-Eye Removal - Pg. 226

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Instant Red-Eye Removal When I see a digital camera with the flash mounted directly above the lens, I think, "Hey, there's an automated red-eye machine." If you're a pro, you probably don't have to deal with this as much, because your flash probably isn't mounted directly above your lens--you're using bounce flash, holding the flash separately, using studio lights, or one of a dozen other techniques. But even when the pros pick up a "point-and-shoot," red eye can find them. Here's the quick "I-just-want- it-gone" technique for getting rid of red eye fast. Step One: Open a photo where the subject has red eye (this is a photo of my buddy Dave's little boy, Eric).