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Chapter 8. Modern Problems: Dealing with... > Saving Blurry Photos - Pg. 232

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Saving Blurry Photos This is a simple technique I came up with that enables you to save a blurry photo from the trash, but you have to know up front--there are limitations. First, it pro- duces a photo that is really only suitable for emailing to friends and family, using in slide shows, or creating a 4x6" print. If you're okay with that, it works wonders. It's based on the premise that everything looks in focus when it's small (for proof of that, see the LCD monitor on the back of your camera, where every photo looks in focus, but when you open the full-size photo in Photoshop, you find out the truth). Step One: Open your blurred digital image. In the example shown here, I used a blurry high-res image imported directly from my digital camera and opened in Photoshop.