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Chapter 8. Modern Problems: Dealing with... > Repairing Problems Caused by the Len... - Pg. 231

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Problem Three: Lens Vignetting Step One: Vignetting is a lens problem where the corners of your photo appear darkened. To remove this problem, go back to the Lens Correction filter. ©SCOTT KELBY Step Two: In the Vignette section of the dialog, drag the Amount slider to the right, and as you do you'll see the edges brighten. Keep dragging the slider until the edges match the brightness of the rest of the photo. The Midpoint slider (just below the Amount slider) determines how far into the photo your corner brighten- ing will extend. In this case, you have to extend it just a little bit by dragging the slider to the left (as shown here), then click OK. Note: You can also fix chro- matic aberrations (colored-edge fring- ing). To see what that is and how to fix it using this filter (which works similarly to Camera Raw), check out the "Fixing Chromatic Aberrations" tutorial in Chapter 3. Before: You can see the dark vignetted areas in the corners. After: The vignetting is completely removed. Dealing with Image Problems Chapter 8 231