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Chapter 8. Modern Problems: Dealing with... > Repairing Problems Caused by the Len... - Pg. 230

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Problem Two: Barrel Distortion Step One: Another common lens correction problem is called barrel distortion, which makes your photo look bloated or rounded. So, open the Lens Correction filter again, but this time you're going to drag the Remove Distortion slider (in the top right of the dialog) slowly to the right to "pucker" the photo inward from the center, removing the rounded, bloated look. If you want a more visual way to do this correction, try the Remove Distortion tool (it's at the top in the Toolbox on the left). Click-and-drag it toward the center of your photo to remove barrel distortion (or toward an edge to remove pincushion distortion, in which the sides of your photo appear to curve ©JUPITERIMAGES