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Chapter 8. Modern Problems: Dealing with... > Instant Red-Eye Removal - Pg. 227

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Step Three: Tools don't get much easier to use than this--just click it once on the red area of the eye, and in just a second or two--the red is gone (as shown here, where I just clicked it in the red area of his left eye). Think of it as a "Red Eye Magic Wand" because it automatically selects all the red area with just one click. Now, what do you do if you click in the red, and you don't like the results? Well, there are two controls that can help you tweak the performance of the Red Eye tool: Pupil Size and Darken Amount (you find both of these in the Options Bar). Step Four: Think of the Pupil Size control like you would the Threshold setting for the Magic Wand tool (W)--the higher the amount, the more colors it will select, so if your first try doesn't select all the red, increase the Pupil Size. The Darken Amount basically determines how dark the color is that replaces the red eye. The default setting of 50% gives you a very dark gray pupil. If you want a pure black pupil, just increase the amount. Step Five: To complete the retouch, just click the Red Eye tool once in the right eye (you did the left eye earlier). Press Command-0 (zero) (PC: Conrol-0) to fit your image onscreen, and you'll have the red-eye retouched photo you see here. Dealing with Image Problems Chapter 8 227