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Chapter 8. Modern Problems: Dealing with... > Opening Up Shadow Areas (Digital Fil... - Pg. 211

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Step Three: When the Shadow/Highlight dialog appears, by default the shadow areas are lightened by 50%. You can increase the amount for additional lightening, or you can decrease the amount if the shad- ows appear too light. (We're adjusting shadows in this image, but if you were adjusting highlights, you'd increase the Highlights Amount to decrease the high- lights in the photo.) Step Four: In this example, the 50% default setting for shadows wasn't quite enough, so I dragged the Shadows Amount slider to the right to open up the shadow areas even more. When you click OK, your shadow lightening correction is applied to your photo. Step Five: If you want more control than these two sliders offer, click on the Show More Options checkbox in the bottom left- hand corner of the dialog. Once you click the checkbox, you get the "full monty" (as shown in Step 6). Don't let all those sliders intimidate you, because chances are you'll be tweaking either the shadows or the highlights--not both--so you can ignore half the sliders altogether. Continued Dealing with Image Problems Chapter 8 211