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Chapter 14. Men at Work: How to Show Your Work - Pg. 395

Chapter 14 How to Show Your Work Men at Work how to show your work This one was easy--the Australian band Men at Work just jumped into my head. Oh sure, I could've gone with The Beatles tune "We Can Work It Out," but it just didn't seem to fit as well. Although the Men at Work title does sound a little bit sexist (hey, take off the last three letters. Cha-ching!), it's still better than Michael Jackson's "Workin' Day and Night." Now, I struggled back and forth with the real name of this chapter. Should it be "How to Show Your Work" or "How to Present Your Work"? It's an important chapter, because when it comes to photography, pre- sentation is everything these days. Incidentally, this chapter is based on one of my most popular sessions that I teach at the Photoshop World Conference & Expo (if you've never been to Photoshop World, check it out at That's a blatant plug. Don't tell my editors, though--they hate it when you sneak in plugs (they might not mind if I sneak one in; they don't like it if you sneak one in). I'm not worried about them catching the plug themselves, as they don't bother to read these chapter intros. If they did, I'd be fired for wasting paper. You see, they have to pay for the paper. Well, sometimes they shop- lift it from Office Depot, but occasionally they buy it just like everybody else, so they get kind of cranky when you write copy that doesn't directly relate to the tutorial at hand. They want everything to "make sense" and "support the technique." Also, they get all weird about a word or two being misspelled. Freaks. How to Show Your Work Chapter 14 395