The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Bridge Basics Okay, we've backed up our originals and burned them to CD, and we've created a contact sheet to keep track of all our images on that CD; so now we're going to open the images right from the CD using the Adobe Bridge (which is technically a separate application that we can use to sort and categorize our digital camera images). If you're familiar with the File Browser from previous versions, it's an evolution of it, but it has more features, and best of all, also manages images for use in other Adobe applications. Accessing the Bridge: There are three ways to access Photoshop CS2's Bridge: (1) In the Photoshop interface, click on the Go to Bridge icon on the far- right corner of the Options Bar, immediately to the left of where the Palette Well starts. (2) You can go under the File menu and choose Browse. (3) You can bring it up with the keyboard shortcut Command-Option-O (PC: Control-Alt-O).