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Chapter 1. Love Can Build a Bridge: Brid... > Creating a Contact Sheet for Your CD... - Pg. 9

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Step Seven: This is more like a tip than a step, but a number of photographers add a second contact sheet to make it even easier to track down the exact image they're look- ing for. It's based on the premise that in every roll (digital or otherwise), there's usually one or two key shots--two really good "keepers" that will normally be the ones you'll go searching for on this disc. So what they do is make an additional contact sheet with just the two or three key shots on that CD, which they'll use either as the cover or the inside cover of their CD jewel case. They include a description of the shots, which makes finding the right image even easier. Note: If you're only using two or three images,