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Chapter 1. Love Can Build a Bridge: Brid... > Creating a Contact Sheet for Your CD... - Pg. 7

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers TIP: When you're choosing a font size for your contact sheet's thumbnail cap- tions, make sure you decrease the default Font Size setting of 12 points to some- thing significantly lower, like 6 points. You'll need to do this because of the long file names assigned to the images from your digital camera (otherwise, you'll only see the first three letters of the file name, making the contact sheet worthless, like the one shown here). So how small should you make your type? That depends. The more thumbnails you're fitting on your contact sheet, the smaller you'll need to make the font size. ©SCOTT KELBY Step Four: Now it's time to let 'er rip! With all your settings in place, just click OK. Within a minute or two, you'll have a contact sheet. But notice how tight the thumb- nails are to the top and side edges? That's what I was talking about earlier when I said it's better to make your con- tact sheet's size slightly smaller than you need, so later (actually, in the next step), you can add some white space around it, which makes it less crowded, easier to use, and it just plain looks better. Continued Bridge Essentials Chapter 1 7