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Chapter 1. Love Can Build a Bridge: Brid... > Sorting and Arranging Your Photos - Pg. 31

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Lazy rating: If you've rated a photo, and then real- ize that it doesn't have the proper rat- ing, don't go back and drag over the little dots (that's so, I dunno, manual). Instead, to increase the rating of a selected image, just press Command­. (PC: Control­.) (that's the Period key by the way). If you want to make sure your photo never gets on the cover of a national magazine, decrease its rating by pressing Command­, (PC: Control­,) (oh, and that's the Comma key). Note: Another reason I called this "lazy rating" is that not only are you being lazy, but the Bridge is acting lazy as well, because it seems to change the rating at a much slower pace. Here I lazily lowered the rating from five to four stars. ©SCOTT KELBY Clearing your ratings: If you've applied a rating to a photo and you want to remove the rating, just click on the thumbnail and press Command-0 (zero) (PC: Control-0 [zero]). However, if this photo is labeled, as well as rated, this will not remove the label color. To do that, you have to Control-click (PC: Right-click) on the selected thumbnail, go under the Label submenu, and choose No Label. Now, why doesn't the No Label option have a shortcut? Perhaps it's the same reason Purple doesn't have a shortcut. These designations are for lame photos--photos other people take--not us, right? Right! TIP: Although you can't change the label colors, you can change their names by going to the Preferences dialog (under the Bridge menu on a Mac; the Edit menu on a PC) and choosing Labels from the categories on the left of the dialog. Now you can just type in your new cus- tom label names beside each color. Continued Bridge Essentials Chapter 1 31