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Chapter 1. Love Can Build a Bridge: Brid... > Sorting and Arranging Your Photos - Pg. 30

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Method Three: Labeling Photos Let's say you've rated your most recent import of photos, and you rated 37 of those photos with five stars. Within that five-star grouping, aren't there some that are better than others? I mean, isn't there a best five-star photo? And a second best? So, how do you separate your best five-star images from the pack? Why you'd label them with a color, of course (that way you can have a red five-star image!). Seriously, imagine how good a photo would have to be to be a red five-star photo. In fact, if you do rate one as a red five-star, a pop-up menu appears where you can choose Submit to National Geographic (kidding).