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Chapter 1. Love Can Build a Bridge: Brid... > Navigating to Your Photos Using the ... - Pg. 15

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers The Filmstrip Focus workspace: This workspace isn't so much about sorting--it's about viewing your photos--and it gives you a view that's similar to Windows XP's Filmstrip folder view, which places a row of thumbnails across the bottom, with a large preview of any selected thumbnail on top (by the way, if you'd prefer to have the thumbnails appear along the right side of the window, rather than the bottom, just click on the little odd-shaped icon [with dots in the shape of a capital "L"] in the bottom-right side of the preview area). You can move from thumbnail to thumbnail (kind of like a slide show) by clicking on the left/right arrow icons along the bottom right of the preview. You can choose this workspace from the Window menu, under Workspace, and select Filmstrip Focus, or just press Command-F5 (PC: Control-F5). ©SCOTT KELBY Make your own custom workspace: Although Adobe ships Photoshop CS2 with four built-in workspaces (well, there are technically five if you count the abili- ty to return to the Default Workspace by pressing Command-F1 [PC: Control-F1]), you can also make your own workspace. Stack palettes where you want them, resize your palettes' Panel area (by drag- ging the center tab on the divider bar left or right), and choose your desired thumbnail size from the Thumbnail Size slider in the bottom right-hand corner of the Bridge. When everything looks the way you want it, go under the Window menu, under Workspace, and choose Save Workspace. A dialog will appear in which you can name your workspace and give it a Function key shortcut. Click Save and your custom workspace will appear in the Workspace submenu. Continued Bridge Essentials Chapter 1 15