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Chapter 1. Love Can Build a Bridge: Brid... > Navigating to Your Photos Using the ... - Pg. 14

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers The Lightbox workspace: This workspace hides all the panels on the left side from view (which expands the main thumbnail viewing area), filling the Bridge with a digital lightbox that displays photo thumbnails in your cur- rently selected folder. This is a great lay- out when you're sorting through photos, deciding which stay and which get delet- ed. You can choose this workspace from the Window menu, under Workspace, and select Lightbox, or simply press Command-F2 (PC: Control-F2). TIP: By the way, if you ever want to quickly hide all the panels on the left side of the Bridge, just click on the double-headed arrow in the bottom ©SCOTT KELBY