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Chapter 13. Look Sharp: Sharpening Techn... > Using CS2’s Smart Sharpen Filter - Pg. 381

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers A lot of people (myself included) are predicting that Photoshop CS2's new Smart Sharpen filter will actually replace Unsharp Mask as the sharpening filter of choice. Here's why: (1) It does a better job of avoiding those nasty color halos, so you can apply more sharpening without damaging your photo; (2) it lets you apply sharpening to just the highlights or just the shadows; (3) you can save and reuse your favorite settings; (4) it has a "More Accurate" feature that applies multiple iterations of sharpening; and (5) it's easier to use and has a larger preview. Using CS2's Smart Sharpen Filter Step One: Open the photo you want to sharpen using this new Smart Sharpen filter. (By the way, although most of this chapter focuses on the Unsharp Mask filter, I only do that because it's the