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Chapter 13. Look Sharp: Sharpening Techniques > Luminosity Sharpening - Pg. 380

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Luminosity Sharpening This is another sharpening technique popular with professionals, and one that sparks debate among photographers who prefer it to the Lab Color sharpening technique. Both sharpen just the luminosity (rather than the color data), so theoretically they do the same thing, but you'll hear pros argue that one method produces better results than the other. That's why I'm including both in the book, so you can decide which you like best (and then argue about it with other photographers. This is what we do for fun). Step One: Open an RGB photo that needs some moderate sharpening. Go under the Filter menu, under Sharpen, and choose Unsharp Mask. Apply the filter directly to your RGB photo (don't switch to Lab