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Chapter 13. Look Sharp: Sharpening Techn... > Using CS2’s Smart Sharpen Filter - Pg. 383

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Step Five: I've found with the Smart Sharpen filter that I use a lower Amount setting than with the Unsharp Mask filter to get a similar amount of sharpening (as I did in this example), especially if I'm working with low-res images. TIP: If you find yourself applying a set- ting such as this over and over again, you can save those settings by clicking on the floppy disk icon to the right of the Settings pop-up menu. (Why a floppy disk icon? I have no idea.) This brings up a dialog for you to name your saved settings, so name your settings and click OK. Now, the next time you're in the Smart Sharpen filter dialog and you want to instantly call up your saved settings, just choose your saved settings from the Settings pop-up menu. Continued Sharpening Techniques Chapter 13 383