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Chapter 13. Look Sharp: Sharpening Techn... > Using CS2’s Smart Sharpen Filter - Pg. 382

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Step Three: Below the Radius slider is the Remove pop-up menu, which lists the three types of blurs you can reduce using Smart Sharpen. Gaussian Blur (the default) applies a brand of sharpening that's pretty much like what you get using the regular Unsharp Mask filter (it uses a similar algorithm). Another Remove menu choice is Motion Blur, but unless you can determine the angle of blur that appears in your image, it's tough to get really good results with this one. So, which one do I recommend? The other choice--Lens Blur. It's better at detect- ing edges, so it creates less color halos than you'd get with the other choices, and overall I think it just gives you better