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Chapter 2. Give Me the Bridge: Advanced ... > Creating Metadata Templates - Pg. 47

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers I'm pretty sure the last thing you want to do in the Adobe Bridge is spend a lot of time typing, but sometimes you've just gotta. You have to embed your copyright info, your contact info, your website, and on and on. That's why you'll want to know how to create a metadata template, which allows you to enter all that info only once, then you can embed it all automatically with a click of a mouse. Creating Metadata Templates Step One: You'll need to start with a photo to base your template on, so navigate to a folder of images within the Bridge that you'd like to assign some copyright and contact info to, then click on one of the thumb- nail images in that folder. ©SCOTT KELBY Step Two: Go under the Bridge's File menu and choose File Info. In the resulting dialog, you'll see a list of metadata info catego- ries on the left-hand side. Under the Description category, in the various fields, enter the information that you'd like to turn into a template. All the info you enter will be applied to the other images in this same folder. Don't click OK yet. Continued Advanced Bridge Techniques Chapter 2 47