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Chapter 2. Give Me the Bridge: Advanced ... > Creating Full-Screen Slide Shows - Pg. 38

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Creating Full-Screen Slide Shows One of my favorite features of the Adobe Bridge is the ability to play a full-screen slide show of my photos. It can run automatically, loop, or you can control it yourself. Perhaps best of all, it also lets you play photo editor while it's running, so if you need to rotate a shot, delete a shot, etc., you can, as your photos are displayed at a large enough size that making decisions like that is easy. All it's missing is a nice dissolve transition, but outside of that, it's not too shabby. Slide shows: First Command-click (PC: Control-click) on the photos in the Bridge you want to appear in your slide show. To enter Slide Show mode, just press Command-L (PC: Control-L), which amazingly does