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Chapter 2. Give Me the Bridge: Advanced ... > Stripping Out Metadata from Your Pho... - Pg. 51

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Step Three: Once your new blank document is open in Photoshop CS2, switch back to your original photo. Press V to get the Move tool, press-and-hold the Shift key, then click-and-drag your photo onto the blank document. Because you're holding the Shift key, the photo will appear in the exact position as it did in the original. However, this dragged copy is on its own separate layer, so press Command-E (PC: Control-E) to merge this layer with the Background layer (this basically flattens the document). Step Four: If you want to check the metadata before you leave Photoshop, just go under the File menu and choose File Info. On the left side of the resulting dialog, click on Camera Data 1 and Camera Data 2--you'll see that the fields are blank. If you want to check the metadata in the Bridge, choose Save from the File menu, then look at the Metadata palette in the Bridge--you'll see that the entire main Camera Data (EXIF) has been stripped away. By the way, if you find yourself doing this a lot, this is an ideal thing to record as an action (more on actions later). Advanced Bridge Techniques Chapter 2 51