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Chapter 2. Give Me the Bridge: Advanced ... > Getting and Editing a Photo’s Metada... - Pg. 41

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Seeing all that tiny type: Because there's so much metadata included in each photo, Adobe had to make the font's point size pretty darn small. That's not a problem if you're 14 years old, but if you're in your mid-20s (like me), it can actually seem too small, and then you get angry and start writing letters, circulating petitions, calling emer- gency meetings of the condo association board, etc. Luckily, in Photoshop CS2 you don't have to endure tiny metadata type because you can increase the font size. Just click on the Metadata palette's fly- out menu (in the top-right corner) and choose Increase Font Size. If it's still not big enough, choose it again. And again, until your neighbors can read it through