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Chapter 7. Black & White: Photoshop in B... > Scott’s High-Contrast Black-and-Whit... - Pg. 192

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Scott's High-Contrast Black-and-White Technique Some of the best techniques unfold when you least expect it, and this technique is a perfect example. I was working on a completely different technique when I stumbled upon this. It's about the easiest, fastest, most reliable way to create stunning high-contrast black-and-white images that have incredible depth. Plus, at the end I show you how you can get three different variations to choose from with just a few clicks each. Not bad, eh matey? Step One: Open the color photo you want to con- vert into a high-contrast black-and-white image. Press the letter D to set your Foreground color to black, and then from the Create New Adjustment Layer KELBY