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Chapter 7. Black & White: Photoshop in B... > Creating Duotones - Pg. 203

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Step Twelve: Okay, you've got what looks like a per- fect duotone (onscreen anyway), but if it's going to press, before you save your file, you have to do a couple of simple but absolutely critical steps to ensure your duotone separates properly. Go under the File menu and choose Print with Preview. When the Print dialog appears, set the pop-up menu just below the preview to Output (it shows Color Management by default). Step Thirteen: As your duotone is set right now, both colors have the same screen angle. This will likely cause a distracting pattern (called a moiré pattern) to appear across your entire photo when outputting to a printing press. To avoid this, have Photoshop assign separate screen angles for your duotone by clicking on the Screen button in the Print dialog, which brings up the Halftone Screen dialog. Then, click the Auto button to bring up the Auto Screens dialog. Continued Photoshop in Black and White Chapter 7 203