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Chapter 7. Black & White: Photoshop in B... > Creating Duotones - Pg. 202

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Step Ten: In the Load dialog, click on this Duo- tones folder, and inside that folder is (believe it or not) yet another folder called PANTONE Duotones. This is where Adobe carefully buried the indi- vidual presets for you to choose from. Each color listed gives you four choices. The first color choice includes a duo- tone curve that gives you the strongest amount of spot-color ink, progressing to the least amount with the fourth choice. Try a couple out by double-clicking on the duotone color that you want to load. You'll get an instant onscreen preview, so you can decide if the color (and amount) of Ink 2 are right. If they aren't, click Load again and pick another