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Chapter 5. Anger Management: Color Manag... > Getting (or Creating) a Custom Profi... - Pg. 138

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Getting (or Creating) a Custom Profile for Your Printer When you buy a color inkjet printer and install the printer driver that comes with it, you get what's known as a "standard" profile. It basically lets Photoshop know what kind of printer is being used, and that's about it. But to get pro results, you need a profile that includes the printer and the exact paper you'll be printing on (basically, a custom profile). Most inkjet paper manufacturers now create custom profiles for their papers, and you can download them free from their websites. You can also create your own custom printer profiles, but it requires buying printer-profiling hardware (more on this later). Step One: When you first install your printer, it installs a standard printer profile, which is chosen from within Photoshop CS2's Print with Preview dialog (found under the File menu). But that profile doesn't