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Chapter 5. Anger Management: Color Manag... > Printing (This Is Where It All Comes... - Pg. 147

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Step Eleven: The second important change you'll need to make in the printer driver soft- ware dialog is to turn the printer's own color management off. You do this by first choosing Color Management from the pop-up menu, to make the Color Management options visible. Now, this is a very tempting dialog, with a Gamma pop-up menu, a checkbox for Epson Natural Color, and lots of fun-looking sliders that are just begging you to mess with them--but don't do it. They are evil. So why did we come here in the first place? To turn this junk off--just click on the No Color Adjustment radio button. Step Twelve: When you select No Color Adjustment, all that tempting stuff is immediately hidden from view, because you just turned off the printer's color manage- ment features, which is precisely what you wanted to do. You want "no color adjustment" from that printer--you're doing it all in Photoshop. Now you're ready to hit the Print button to get prints that match your screen, as you've color managed this photo from begin- ning to end. WARNING: If you're printing to a color inkjet printer, don't ever convert your photo to CMYK format (even though you may be tempted to because your printer uses cyan, magenta, yellow, and black inks). The conversion from RGB to CMYK inks happens within the printer itself, and if you do it first in Photoshop, your printer will attempt to convert it again in the printer, so the results will be way off. Color Management Step-by-Step Chapter 5 147