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Chapter 5. Anger Management: Color Manag... > Printing (This Is Where It All Comes... - Pg. 143

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Step Three: In the expanded Print dialog, under the Preview window, make sure Color Management is selected from the pop- up menu below the preview window (it should be by default). Then, in the Print section, make sure Document is selected (rather than Proof). However, it's down a little farther, in the Options section, where we have to make some very important changes (for what we're doing, using the default settings would be fairly tragic). ©DAVE MOSER Step Four: In the Options section near the bot- tom of the dialog, go under the Color Handling pop-up menu and choose Let Photoshop Determine Colors. That way, we're staying consistent by letting Photoshop do the color management all the way through the process. So far, so good, but don't click the Print button yet. Continued Color Management Step-by-Step Chapter 5 143