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Chapter 5. Anger Management: Color Manag... > Configuring Your Camera for the Righ... - Pg. 127

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Step Four: In the Optimize Image menu, scroll down to Custom and press the right arrow button again. Setting up other cameras: I'm showing the setup here for a Nikon D70; however, I've put together these same steps for a number of other popular cameras, including the Nikon D2x (which is the camera I'm currently shooting with), the Nikon D100, and the setup for some of the most popular Canon digital cameras as well. These step-by-step tutorials are found on this book's com- panion website at www.scottkelbybooks .com/cs2digitalphotographers. If you have a digital camera that's not covered on my site, it's time to dig up your manual and find out how to "make the switch" to Adobe RGB (1998) or visit the manufac- turer's website. Step Five: When the Custom menu appears, scroll down to Color Mode and press the right arrow button again. (Note: The "I" symbol before the words "Color Mode" tells you the current setting is sRGB.) Step Six: When the Color Mode menu appears, scroll down to II: Adobe RGB, then press the right arrow button again to choose OK. Step Seven: When you press the right arrow button, it returns to the Custom screen, but now there's a "II" before Color Mode, indicat- ing you're now using Adobe RGB (1998). Color Management Step-by-Step Chapter 5 127