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flat-out great ideas. To Kim Gabriel for doing such an amazing job of keeping us all on track and organized--I can't thank you enough. Thanks and kudos to Dave Damstra (the best layout guy in the business) and his team for giving the book such a tight, clean layout. Thanks to Jim Workman, Jean A. Kendra, and Pete Kratzenberg for their support, and for keeping a lot of plates in the air while I'm writing these books. A special thanks to my wonderful Executive Assistant Kathy Siler for keeping me on track, focused, and juggling (okay, running) half a dozen different projects while I'm deep in "book land." She and I had a special bond this year, as both our NFL teams wound up at the bottom of their respective divisions, and I assume that bond will last until the Tampa Bay Buccaneers triumphantly return to form and mercilessly rout her beloved Redskins in Raymond James Stadium later this year. (I'm going to pay for that one.) Many thanks to Dave Cross and Matt Kloskowski for their ideas and input on the book, and thanks to Chris Main and Barbara Thompson for being such an important part of our team. I owe a special debt of gratitude to my friends Kevin Ames and Jim DiVitale for taking the time to share their ideas, techniques, concepts, and vision for a Photoshop book for digital photographers that would really make a difference. Extra-special thanks to Kevin for spending hours with me sharing his retouching techniques. Also my heartfelt thanks to Eddie Tapp and Taz Tally for their help and input on my color management chapter. I want to thank all the photographers, retouchers, and Photoshop experts who've taught me so much over the years, including Jack Davis, Deke McClelland, Ben Willmore, Julieanne Kost, Vincent Versace, David Cuerdon, Robert Dennis, Helene DeLillo, Felix Nelson, Jim Patterson, Katrin Eismann, Doug Gornick, Manuel Obordo, Dave Cross, Dan Margulis, Peter Bauer, Joe Glyda, and Russell Preston Brown. Also thanks to my friends at Adobe Systems, including Addy Roff, Julieanne Kost, Cari Gushiken, Gwyn Weisberg, Deb Whitman, John Nack, Kevin Connor, Mark Delman, Karen Gauthier, Russell Brady, Mark Dahm, Russell Preston Brown, and Terry "T-bone" White. Thanks to Nancy Ruenzel, Scott Cowlin, and everyone at New Riders / Peachpit--they're really great people who continually strive to produce very special books. My personal thanks go to Alan Meckler and Adrian Maynard at JupiterImages for enabling me to use some of their wonderful images here in the book. Most importantly, I want to thank God, and His son Jesus Christ, for leading me to the woman of my dreams, for blessing us with such a special little boy, for allowing me to make a living doing something I truly love, for always being there when I need Him, for blessing me with a wonderful, fulfilling and happy life, and such a warm, loving family to share it with. v