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Acknowledgments - Pg. iv

A C K N O W L E D G M E N T S lthough only one name appears on the spine of this book, it takes a large, dedicated team of people to put a book like this together. Not only did I have the good fortune of working with such a great group of people, I now get the great pleasure of thanking them and acknowledging their hard work and dedication. First, I want to thank the most amazing woman I've ever known, my absolutely beautiful and truly wonderful wife, Kalebra. She's equal parts savvy business woman, power negotiator, stand- up comic, super mom, gourmet chef, interior decorator, travel guru, motivational speaker, and rock star. I don't know what she's putting in her coffee, but let me tell you--it's workin'! She's the type of woman for whom love songs are written, and I am, without a doubt, the luckiest man alive to have her as my wife. Secondly, I want to thank my 8-year-old son Jordan. God has blessed our family with so many wonderful gifts, and I can see them all reflected in his eyes. I'm so proud of him, so thrilled to be his dad, and I dearly love watching him grow to be such a wonderful little guy, who is blessed with his mom's compassion and her tender, loving heart. (You're the greatest, little buddy.) I also want to thank my big brother Jeff for being such a positive influence in my life, for always taking the high road, for always knowing the right thing to say, and just the right time to say it, and for having so much of our dad in him. (I'm honored to have you as my brother and my friend.) My heartfelt thanks go to the entire team at KW Media Group, who every day redefine what teamwork and dedication are all about. They are truly a special group of people who come together to do some really amazing things (on really scary deadlines), and they do it with class, poise, and a can-do attitude that is truly inspiring. I'm so proud to be working with you all. Thanks to my compadre Dave Moser, whose tireless dedication to making everything we do better than anything we've done before is an inspiration to our whole team. He's an amazing individual, a great friend, and an awful lot of fun. I owe a special thanks to my tech editor and adviser, Polly Reincheld. She puts every single technique in the entire book through the ringer to make sure that everything works the way it should, but she goes way beyond that, and her input, advice, perspective, and encouragement have made the book better than it would've been otherwise. I'm so happy to have her working on my books, and I'm so glad she's joined our team, despite the fact that she's constantly playing Shania Twain songs at her desk. My thanks to Veronica Martin, the newest member of our team, who copyedited the book (and believe me, copyediting my books is no easy task). Special thanks to my layout and production crew. In particular, I want to thank my friend and Creative Director Felix Nelson for his limitless talent, boundless creativity, input, and just for his A iv