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Chapter 11. 38 Special: Photographic Spe... > Creating Drama with a Soft Spotlight - Pg. 318

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Creating Drama with a Soft Spotlight This is a great technique that lets you focus attention by using dramatic soft light- ing. The technique I'm showing you here I learned from famous nature photogra- pher Vincent Versace. I had been getting a similar look by filling a layer with black, making an oval selection, feathering the edges significantly, and then knocking a hole out of the layer, but Vincent's technique, using the Lighting Effects filter, is so much easier that it's just about all I use now. Step One: Open the RGB photo to which you want to apply the soft spotlight effect. In this example, I want to focus atten- tion on the top center of the lily, and away from the background and vase