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Chapter 11. 38 Special: Photographic Spe... > Perspective Pasting with Vanishing P... - Pg. 347

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Step Nine: When it's sized the way you want it, click the OK button and your photo is trans- formed with the proper perspective. You can now see why we created a new blank layer in Step 1. Without it, the perspec- tive photo would be applied directly to the Background layer, and you'd have no real control over it after you applied Vanishing Point. On a separate layer, you can change blend modes, opacity, etc. Step Ten: To make the pasted-in photo better match the tone of the main photo, we're going to darken it up a bit (after all, we pasted it onto the side of a building that's in shadows). Press Command-L (PC: Control-L) to bring up Levels, then drag the bottom right-hand Output Levels slider to the left to darken the photo until you feel it matches the tone of the shadow side of the building. Step Eleven: Click OK and the final image is com- pleted. The pasted photo matches both the perspective of the building and the overall tone of the image. Photographic Special Effects Chapter 11 347