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Chapter 11. 38 Special: Photographic Spe... > Blending Photos Together - Pg. 335

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Step Three: Press the letter V to switch to the Move tool, and then click-and-drag the photo from this document right onto your background photo. It will appear on its own layer in your back- ground document. Step Four: Click on the Add Layer Mask icon at the bottom of the Layers palette. Press the letter G to get the Gradient tool from the Toolbox, and then press Return (PC: Enter) to bring up the Gradient Picker (it appears at the location of your cursor within your image area). Choose the Black to White gradient (it's the third gradient in the Picker). Step Five: Click the Gradient tool at the point in your photo that you want to be transparent and drag (in this case, to the right), stopping at the point where you want the rest of the photo to be at 100% opacity. Continued Photographic Special Effects Chapter 11 335