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Much Obliged!

Much Obliged!

Even though my name appears on the cover of this book, as with all collaborative efforts, this would not have been possible without the help of the following people:

Regina Cleveland, who has helped me with this book through every version since 5.0; editing and writing into the wee hours of the morning, and now doing illustration work as well. Had she not been a part of this project, it would have been like piloting a ship across the ocean with part of its hull missing.

Wendy Sharp, our editor at Peachpit, who is the best mother a project could ever have, and can juggle so many details at once, we suspect that there's actually two of her.

Hilal Sala, our production coordinator, and Valerie Perry, our indexer, for handling everything so gracefully, even when we turned everything in at the absolute last minute.

Chris Murphy for always being my wizard behind the curtain when it comes to color management issues.

Jay Nelson, who has helped me in more ways than I can imagine or remember. He's an amazing guy who always comes through in a pinch, and seems to be most happy whenever he's lending someone a hand.

Jerry Kennelly at Stockbyte, Stephanie Robey at PhotoSpin, and Patrick Lor at iStockphoto whose generous contributions of stock imagery made it possible for us to produce this book, as well as include a bunch of great practice images on the CD at the back of the book.

Andy Katz, for keeping things lively with his maniacal laugh, and for his stunning imagery.

My brother Nik Willmore, who was always at the ready with as much constructive criticism as I could handle, when others would simply say “Oh, that's nice.”

Scott Kelby, Jim Workman, Dave Moser, and the rest of the crazies at NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals), who have made my life as a Photoshop hack more enjoyable than I thought possible.

To all the gifted artists who contributed images to this book. Your illuminating work transformed our bare pages into things of elegance, sparkle, and humor.

Howard Berman

Robert Bowen

Alicia Buelow

Tom Nick Cocotos

Conner Huff

Gary Isaacs

Andy Katz

Brian Kelsey

Chris Klimek

Nick Koudis

Emin Kuliyev

Bert Monroy

Michael Slack

Richard Tuschman

And finally, I thank all the people who have attended my seminars over the past 10 years. You've given me a limitless supply of inspiration and feedback and have allowed me to follow my passion for knowledge and understanding.

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