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Lesson 5. Working with Selections > Cropping an image and erasing within a sele...

Cropping an image and erasing within a selection

To complete the composition, you’ll crop the image to a final size and clean up some of the background scraps left behind when you moved selections. You can use either the Crop tool or the Crop command to crop an image.

Select the Crop tool (), or press C to switch from the current tool to the Crop tool. Then, drag diagonally across the collage composition to prepare for cropping.

Adjust the crop area, as necessary:

  • If you need to reposition the crop border, position the pointer anywhere inside the cropping area and drag.

  • If you want to resize the crop area, drag a handle.

When you are satisfied with the position of the crop area, press Enter (Windows) or Return (Mac OS) to crop the image.

The cropped image may include some scraps of the gray background from which you selected and removed shapes. You’ll fix that next.

Use a marquee selection tool or the Lasso tool () to drag a selection marquee around a scrap of unwanted gray background. Be careful not to include any of the image that you want to keep.

In the toolbox, select the Eraser tool (), and then make sure that the foreground and background color swatches in the toolbox are set to the defaults: black in the foreground and white in the background.

If the default colors are not black and white, click the Default Foreground and Background Colors icon ().

Drag the eraser over the gray in the selection area. The gray pixels are erased and replaced by the background color, white. If your erasing strays outside the selection border, nothing happens because the unselected area is protected from being changed.

To erase in large strokes, select a larger brush size on the tool options bar.

Select another area with only unwanted pixels, and then press Delete.

Continue selecting and erasing or deleting until you finish removing all the unwanted scraps of background. When you finish, choose File > Save to save your work.


You don’t have to select an area in order to erase. However, it’s often a good idea, especially when the area that you want to erase is close to another area that you want to protect.

Good job. The collage is complete.



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