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Review questions

1How can the Pen tool be useful as a selection tool?
2What is the difference between a bitmap image and a vector graphic?
3What does a shape layer do?
4What tools can you use to move and resize paths and shapes?
5What are Smart Objects, and what is the benefit of using them?

Review answers

1If you need to create an intricate selection, it can be easier to draw the path with the Pen tool and then convert the path to a selection.
2Bitmap or raster images are based on a grid of pixels and are appropriate for continuous-tone images such as photographs or artwork created in painting programs. Vector graphics are made up of shapes based on mathematical expressions and are appropriate for illustrations, type, and drawings that require clear, smooth lines.
3A shape layer stores the outline of a shape in the Paths palette. You can change the outline of a shape by editing its path.
4You use the Path Selection tool () and the Direct Selection tool () to move, resize, and edit shapes. You can also modify and scale a shape or path by choosing Edit > Free Transform Path.
5Smart Objects are vector objects that you can import from Adobe Illustrator and place and edit in Photoshop without a loss of quality. Regardless of how often you scale, rotate, skew, or otherwise transform a Smart Object, it retains sharp, precise edges. A great benefit of using Smart Objects is that you can edit the original object in Illustrator, and the changes will be reflected in the placed Smart Object in your Photoshop image file.



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