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Lesson 10. Vector Drawing Techniques > Working with defined custom shapes

Working with defined custom shapes

Another way to use shapes in your artwork is to draw a custom or preset shape. Doing so is as easy as selecting the Custom Shape tool, picking a shape from the Custom Shape picker, and drawing in your image window. You will do so now to add checkerboard patterns to the background of your poster for the toy store.

Make sure the Retro Shape layer is selected in the Layers palette, then click the New Layer button () to add a layer above it. Double-click the default Layer 1 name and rename it Pattern, and then press Enter (Windows) or Return (Mac OS).

In the toolbox, select the Custom Shape tool (), which is hidden under the Polygon tool ().

On the tool options bar, click the pop-up arrow for the Shape option to open the custom shape picker.

Locate the checkerboard preset at the bottom of the custom shape picker (you may need to scroll or drag the corner of the picker to see it), and double-click to select it and simultaneously close the picker.

On the tool options bar, select the Fill Pixels option.

Make sure that the foreground color is white (or select white now), and then press Shift and drag diagonally in the image window to draw and size the shape. (Pressing Shift constrains the shape to its original proportions.)

Add five more checkerboards of various sizes until your poster resembles the following figure.

On the Layers palette, reduce the opacity of the Pattern layer to 20%.

Your poster background is now complete.

Turn on visibility for the Saucer layer to see the whole composition.

Choose File > Save to save your work.



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