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Lesson 1. Getting to Know the Work Area > Jumping to Adobe ImageReady

Jumping to Adobe ImageReady

Adobe ImageReady is a companion application to Photoshop that lets you create moving elements, such as animations and rollovers, and other image content for Web and mobile authoring. ImageReady contains many tools that are familiar to Photoshop users and some that are unique. Because ImageReady is Web-focused, it automatically reduces high-resolution images to 72 dpi. So it’s a good idea to always work on high-resolution content in Photoshop, but you can easily jump between the applications to access the unique features of each application, yet still maintain a streamlined workflow.

Switch to ImageReady by clicking the Edit in ImageReady button () in the Photoshop toolbox. If the ImageReady Welcome Screen appears, click Close.


To reset preferences as you open ImageReady, hold down Ctrl-Alt-Shift (Windows) or Command-Option-Shift (Mac OS) when you click the Edit in ImageReady button (). When asked if you want to delete the preferences, click Yes.

You can jump between Photoshop and ImageReady to transfer an image between the two applications for editing without closing or exiting the originating application. Also, you can jump from ImageReady to other graphics-editing applications and HTML-editing applications you may have installed on your system. For more information on jumping to other applications from ImageReady, see Photoshop Help.

In ImageReady, click the Edit in Photoshop button () in the toolbox to return to Photoshop.

Each time an image in Photoshop or ImageReady is updated with changes made in a jumped-to application, a single history state is added to the Photoshop or ImageReady History palette. You’ll learn more about how to use the History palette later; see “About snapshots and History palette states” on page 118 of this book.

You’ll learn about creating Web-ready content in ImageReady in Lessons 13, 14, and 15.



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