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Review questions

1What are slices?
2Describe three ways to create image slices.
3What are the differences and similarities between slices and image maps?
4What is image optimization and how do you optimize images for the Web?

Review answers

1Slices are rectangular areas of an image that you can define in Photoshop or ImageReady for individual Web optimization. With slices, you can create animated GIFs, URL links, and rollovers.
2You can create image slices by dragging to define areas in the image with the Slice tool. You can also convert layers into slices using the Layer menu in Photoshop, or convert selections into slices using the Select menu in ImageReady. Auto slices are created automatically for areas in the sliced image that are left undefined when you create user slices.
3Slices can be created in either Photoshop or ImageReady; image maps must be created in ImageReady. Slices are always rectangular in shape; image maps can have any shape. Both slices and image maps can be configured as hotspots with links to other pages. Both also can be configured with rollover states, which you can learn more about in Lesson 14, “Creating Rollover Web Visuals.”
4Image optimization is the process of choosing a file format, resolution, and quality settings for images that will be published to the Web. When optimizing, it is necessary to balance a small file size with the visual appearance of the compressed image. Continuous-tone images are typically optimized in JPEG format; solid-color images and images with repetitive areas of color are typically optimized as GIF. To optimize images in Photoshop, choose File > Save for Web. In ImageReady, use the Optimize palette.



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