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Jumping to ImageReady

It’s time to start getting acquainted with ImageReady. You’ll use the Jump To button to switch to it. The Jump To button not only launches ImageReady but also “jumps” the file that is open in Photoshop, transferring control to ImageReady until you either close the file or jump back to Photoshop.

Make sure that you have saved the 13Start.psd file. Then, in the Photoshop toolbox, click the Jump to ImageReady button ().

ImageReady opens and displays the 13Start.psd file. Notice that ImageReady has a Slices menu and a Slices palette, neither of which appears in Photoshop.

You can set slice options in ImageReady using the Slice palette. Just select any slice using the Slice Select tool (), and enter the information into the fields in the Slice palette. This actually is a bit faster than defining slice options in Photoshop, because it doesn’t require the extra actions of opening and closing a dialog box.

Now that ImageReady is open, let’s arrange the workspace a bit for this lesson.

Choose Window > Workspace > Interactivity Palette Locations to close some of the palettes you won’t need.

Close the Animation palette and the Web Content palette group by clicking the red Close buttons on the palette title bars, or close them by selecting those palettes from the Window menu.

Drag the Slice palette group to the right until it snaps into place at the edge of the work area, and then click the Image Map tab to bring that palette forward. Your work area should now resemble the following illustration:



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