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Creating a PDF portfolio

You can create an Adobe PDF slide show or a multipage PDF document from a set of Photoshop files by applying the PDF Presentation command in Photoshop or Bridge and setting the options you want. You can select which files within a folder you want to include, or simply select a folder to include all the files stored inside it. Now that you’ve created a portfolio of images (in the Portfolio folder), you can easily turn it into a PDF slide show to share with clients and colleagues.

Click the Go to Bridge button (). In Bridge, click the Lessons folder favorite (if it is not already selected from the previous exercise), and navigate to the Lesson08/Portfolio folder. The Portfolio folder should contain the following image files: mission_final.psd, portrait_final.psd, farmhouse_final.psd, and columns_final.psd.

Choose Tools > Photoshop > PDF Presentation.

The Photoshop PDF Presentation dialog box opens. Notice that the four files from the Portfolio folder already appear in the Source Files area.

In the PDF Presentation dialog box, do the following:

  • Under Output Options, select Presentation.

  • Under Presentation Options, check the Advance Every box, and accept the default to advance every 5 seconds.

  • Check the Loop after Last Page box.

  • Choose Wipe Right from the Transition pop-up menu.

  • Click Save.

In the Save dialog box that appears, type Photography_portfolio.pdf as the filename, and specify the location as the Lesson08 folder. (Do not select the Portfolio folder.) Then click Save.

In the Save Adobe PDF dialog box, do the following:

  • Choose Adobe PDF Preset > Smallest File Size to create a PDF document that is suitable for onscreen display.

  • Under Options, check View PDF After Saving.

  • Click Save PDF.

If you have a version of Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader installed on your computer, it launches automatically and starts the PDF slide-show presentation.

When the slide show finishes, press Esc to return to the standard Acrobat window. Then quit your Acrobat application and return to Photoshop.



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